Gastronomic activities


At 6 minutes, 40km.
From March to December, once per month, each Saturday of the month.

Ferme de la Passe à Cailles

Ferme de la Passe à cailles
3 rue de la Croix Blanche
Tél:  06 32 58 28 84


La Chèvrerie d’Élise

A new stall, a productor market and even children animation: On Sundays, you have to go to La chèvrerie d’Elise!

This is a nice goat cheese specialised farm that produce and use only organic products !

Le Plessis Hebert (27120)

Normandie Flavour Ménilles

Normandie Flavour is only fresh, local and reasonable priced products. Located on the Communal square. 

Place Communale 27120 MENILLES


Les 3 étangs

At 8 minutes, 4 km.

Open everyday except the tuesday.
Fishing no-kill.

Chemin des sources
27120 Jouy sur Eure
Tel : 02 32 36 39 60